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1. A wild or turbulent disturbance created by a large number of people.
2. Law A violent disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled for a common purpose.
3. An unrestrained outbreak, as of laughter or passions.
4. A profusion: The garden was a riot of colors in August.
a. Unrestrained merrymaking; revelry.
b. Debauchery.
6. Slang An irresistibly funny person or thing: Isn't she a riot?
v. ri·ot·ed, ri·ot·ing, ri·ots
1. To take part in a riot.
2. To live wildly or engage in uncontrolled revelry.
To waste (money or time) in wild or wanton living: "rioted his life out, and made an end" (Tennyson).

[Middle English, from Old French, dispute, from rioter, to quarrel, perhaps from ruire, to roar, from Latin rūgīre.]

ri′ot·er n.
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Noun1.rioting - a state of disorder involving group violencerioting - a state of disorder involving group violence
disorder - a disturbance of the peace or of public order


[ˈraɪətɪŋ] némeutes fpl


nKrawalle pl; (Pol also) → Aufstände pl; rioting in the streetsStraßenkrawalle or -schlachten pl
References in classic literature ?
The peasants are rioting, and you can't manage them?
Indeed, she laughed, and said it was rather fun, "like something out of Sterne," --of such comfort is a literary reference in all seasons and circumstances,--and then she added, with a sweet look that sent the blood rioting about my heart, "It won't matter so much, will it, love, NOW?
During the rioting between the Cancellieri and Panciatichi factions in 1502 and 1503.
The causes highlighted are categorized as situational nudge factors, which surrounded the actual rioting incident.
A police corporal told prosecutors that Dubai Police were informed about workers rioting at the accommodation at Dubai Industrial City.
An Indian court convicted 11 suspects of murder and 13 of rioting and other charges Thursday in connection with the 2002 anti-Muslim riots, which claimed lives of dozens of people in the western state of Gujarat.
A police corporal claimed to prosecutors that Dubai Police's operations room were informed about workers grouping and rioting at the accommodation at Dubai Industrial City.
Around PS167m has been paid out to people and firms following the wave of rioting, arson and looting that spread across parts of England in the summer 2011, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) estimates.
The rioting inmates demanded free movement on the grounds of the penal colony and a right not to work.
Farooq, a bank employee, was one of the 54 persons who were picked up and falsely charged with rioting and attempt to murder.
Trying to be funny, Wild Bill, who is White, goes on to suggest that only a few Whites would actually show up, would forget to bring a lighter to start fires and "as soon as they broke a few things, they would feel bad, go to the hardware store, buy stuff and go back and fix what they broke" before apologizing for their rioting.