rip down

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w>rip down

vt sepherunterreißen; old buildingsabreißen
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[A rip down the back of the hand.] They are just right for you--your hand is very small--if they tear you need not pay for them.
All of them were hard at work, snatching slings of cargo, high up, to the end of long derricks, only, as it seemed, to let them rip down recklessly by the run.
John Hatfield, from Normanby, says he was forced to rip down a metal panel above his head after a frantic scramble for air 35 minutes into a Jet2 flight from Ibiza.
This is a really sad reflection on what is important to us as nurses, and the fact we are so quick to rip down our colleagues.
RIP down the welcome to John Lennon Airport signs you are not welcome.
This woman had the damn cheek to put a gun to our Government's head by threatening to shut down the port of Calais,and blockade the port, she also claimed that she would rip down UK border controls on French soil, she would get rid of the UK border police and let 2,000 migrants flood into Britain, and just as our wonderful Government bow down to the EU, they now surrender to a French Mayor,well done Teresa May.
When I rip down a hot party I want to make it a zoovie - epic like a movie but wild like a zoo.
Opened in 1978, we now want to rip down this monument to the "big is beautiful" boom of the 1960s, at a cost of about pounds 100m.
Summary: SANAA: Yemeni security forces opened fire Friday on demonstrators trying to rip down photographs of the president and at least six were hurt as the biggest protest in a month of unrest rocked the country in a massive call for regime change.
2pm: As students rip down fences in Parliament Square, three protesters are asked to leave the House of Commons public gallery for chanting.
Lerner admits the club are debating whether to rip down the stand and rebuild it as part of a scheme to increase the attendance from 42,000 to 50,000.
The dragged-up duo were caught on CCTV leaping up to rip down the festive illuminations.