rip into

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rip 1

v. ripped, rip·ping, rips
a. To cut, tear apart, or tear away roughly or energetically. See Synonyms at tear1.
b. To cause to be pulled apart, as by an accident: He ripped his pants when he bent over.
2. To split or saw (wood) along the grain.
3. Computers To copy (audio or audio-visual material from) a CD or DVD.
4. To subject to vehement criticism or attack: The critic ripped the tedious movie.
5. Informal To produce, display, or utter suddenly: ripped out a vicious oath.
6. Vulgar Slang To expel (a discharge of intestinal gas).
1. To become torn or split apart.
2. Informal To move quickly or violently.
1. The act of ripping.
2. A torn or split place, especially along a seam.
3. A ripsaw.
Phrasal Verbs:
rip into
To attack or criticize vehemently: ripped into her opponent's political record.
rip off Slang
1. To steal from: thieves who ripped off the unsuspecting tourist.
2. To steal: ripped off a leather jacket while ostensibly trying on clothes.
3. To exploit, swindle, cheat, or defraud: a false advertising campaign that ripped off consumers.
let it/'er rip Informal
To allow something to start or happen with vigor or energy.

[Middle English rippen, from Flemish; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

rip 2

1. A stretch of water in a river, estuary, or tidal channel made rough by waves meeting an opposing current.
2. A rip current.

[Probably from rip.]

rip 3

1. A dissolute person.
2. An old or worthless horse.

[Possibly shortening and alteration of reprobate.]


abbr. Latin
requiescat in pace (may he rest in peace; may she rest in peace)
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1. To separate or pull apart by force:
2. Informal. To move swiftly:
Informal: hotfoot.
Slang: barrel, highball.
Chiefly British: nip.
phrasal verb
rip into
To criticize harshly and devastatingly:
Informal: roast.
Slang: slam.
Idioms: burn someone's ears, crawl all over, pin someone's ears back, put someone on the griddle, put someone on the hot seat, rake over the coals, read the riot act to.
phrasal verb
rip off
1. Slang. To take (another's property) without permission:
Informal: lift, swipe.
Slang: cop, heist, hook, nip, pinch, snitch.
2. Slang. To exploit (another) by charging too much for something:
Slang: clip, gouge, nick, scalp, skin, soak.
Idioms: make someone pay through the nose, take someone for a ride , take someone to the cleaners .
A hole made by tearing:
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w>rip into

vi +prep obj
(bullets etc)sich bohren in (+acc)
(fig inf: = criticize) → zusammenstauchen (inf)
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