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(rĭp′rôr′ĭng) also rip-roar·i·ous (rĭp′rôr′rē-əs)
adj. Informal
Noisy, lively, and exciting.

[From rip + (up)roar(ious).]

rip′-roar′ing·ly adv.


informal characterized by excitement, intensity, or boisterous behaviour


boisterously wild and exciting; riotous.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - uncontrollably noisyrip-roaring - uncontrollably noisy      
noisy - full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds; "a noisy cafeteria"; "a small noisy dog"


[ˈrɪpˌrɔːrɪŋ] ADJ [party] → desmadrado, animadísimo; [speech] → apasionado, violento; [success] → clamoroso


[ˈrɪpˈrɔːrɪŋ] adj (party, success) → travolgente
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All in all, this was a rip-roaringly fun and joyful show that has everyone coming out singing I'm A Believer.
In a year of magnanimous manuals, wacky wallrides, lengthy ledge switch back tails and rip-roaringly raw rail riding, there can be but one name to be stamped on the base of the Skater of the Year trophy, and that name for 2017 is Jamie Foy
While the rip-roaringly funny story of Gharwali (Homemaker) revolved around a free-spirited woman called Lajjo who cocked a snook at all social and moral norms and lived by her own rules (and desires), the second story - Mughal Bachcha (The Veil) - was a witty, yet heart-rending portrayal of life in the decaying homes of the Mughal descendants.
Overall, Independence Day: Resurgence is packed so full of cheese, explosions and too-convenient plot-twists it could sink a (mother)ship; yet it all adds up to a fun, old-fashioned disaster pic, made with such confidence and heart that there's no time to feel guilty for enjoying the rip-roaringly thrilling ride.
Through the years, there have been many notable local reinterpretations of Romeo and Juliet, from Tanghalang Pilipino's highly successful and rip-roaringly funny jologs version R'meo luvs Dew-lhiett in 2005, to this year's staging by the Manila Shakespeare Company that was set in the 21st century but was otherwise conventional in its approach to Shakespeare's words.
The scene that the film takes its name from is still rip-roaringly funny and it's so much better than its many sequels.
Now, however, there are no impediments, and Louis finds himself ready, willing and able to join the cast of Bouncers, which is returning to the Royal Court after a rip-roaringly successful run at the theatre last season.
Back from extinction and rip-roaringly frightening, dinosaurs will roam the earth once again in the new Dinosaur Valley attraction.