riparian forest

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Noun1.riparian forest - woodlands along the banks of stream or riverriparian forest - woodlands along the banks of stream or river
timberland, woodland, forest, timber - land that is covered with trees and shrubs
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Kazakhstan's program will require the restoration of an immense riparian forest that is part of the wild tiger's historical range.
Exhibits featuring riparian forest, oak savannah, prairie, Douglas fir and transitional forest areas will be completed over the next few years.
azarae trap Habitat success rate (no.) * Males, % Riparian forest 0.014 (23) 70 Celtis tala forest 0.004 (8) 63 Lowland grassland with 0.006 (22) 59 Cyperaceae Highland grassland with 0.013 (44) 61 Ligustrum spp.
We investigated the effect of fragmentation on the richness of medium- and large-sized mammals in semi-deciduous forest patches and addressed the following questions: (1) does patch size and degree of isolation influence the richness of medium- and large-sized mammals?; and (2) the patches connected to riparian forest have more species than isolated patches?
This riparian forest is now a refuge for more than 150 different species of songbirds that nest and use the park during their migration and an important backwater and spawning area for several fish species that swim up Normand Creek from the Red River.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the behavior and quantify the microbial biomass of the soils under riparian forest (RF) and cerrado in the Pocone, MT, Pantanal reigion.
Permeability of riparian forest strips in agricultural, small subtropical watersheds in south-eastern Brazil.
In the Mediterranean, the riparian forest is a physiological all peculiar and still poorly understood from the point of view typology and especially dynamic, particularly in Western Mediterranean [1].
(2015) reported that evapotranspiration controlled by vegetation phenological characteristics was mainly partitioned to plant transpiration and that groundwater was the main water source as well as the key factor controlling the water cycle process of the desert riparian forest in the lower Tarim River Basin [18].
Riparian forest strips as habitat for breeding birds in Boreal forest.