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(rɪˈpjɛnəʊ; Italian riˈpjeːno)
n, pl -ni (-niː) or -nos
(Classical Music) (in baroque concertos and concerti grossi) the full orchestra, as opposed to the instrumental soloists. Also called: concerto Compare concertino1
[C18: from Italian: from ri- re- + pieno, from Latin plēnus full]
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(ˈtu ti)

adj., n., pl. -tis. adj.
1. all (used as a musical direction for all to perform together).
2. a musical passage or movement tutti.
[1715–25; < Italian, pl. of tutto all]
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Christopher Morley Ripieno Players Medicine Art Gallery, Birmingham?????HHHHI It was like going back in time, almost half a century since I was last in what was then the RBSA Gallery, home in those days to a charming series of chamber and vocal recitals.
The word 'ravioli' (plural of 'raviolo') refers to all kinds of filled Italian pasta where a thin layer of dough wraps around a filling ('ripieno' in Italian).
Although the Canto ripieno part, which doubles the Canto concertato is preserved, it covers only tutti passages.
To this, she appended a new version of the F minor concerto, which was probably intended for a melodic instrument, and in collaboration with violinist and violist Tim Willis, she changed the instrumentation of the double harpsichord concerto to a cast of four concertante instruments and a string ripieno. The result is three fascinating views of Bach's music with no faults to be found.
Like his Mass in D of 1788, it follows instead the practice of ripieno or tutti compositions, in which full choral textures prevail.
Voltaire: il suo spirito vendicativo ha dettato le sue Memorie ed ha ripieno di molti tratti indecenti ed ingiusti le altre opere.
The Calzone Ripieno full of tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, veal sausages, beef salami, pepperoni and mushrooms proved to be a dazzling delight and the filling was kept warm by the folded and cut presentation.
che adesso abbiamo pure la beffa della deformazione professionale del sedere ripieno alla baiadera.
For mains, Callum chose the pollo ripieno, PS14.50, a pan fried chicken breast stuffed with garlic, Parma ham, spinach and taleggio cheese.
That [second] movement is a little concerto grosso within the concerto, with the concertino consisting of English horn, the solo horn, and a solo viola, and the rest of the ensemble comprising the ripieno....
Fusspot had his pollo ripieno con mele caramellat (pounds 13.95) served minus the parma ham, and thoroughly enjoyed the caramelised apple and thyme that the pan-fried chicken was stuffed with.
Lo demas es ripieno, como dicen los italianos, el relleno.