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(rɪˈpjɛnəʊ; Italian riˈpjeːno)
n, pl -ni (-niː) or -nos
(Classical Music) (in baroque concertos and concerti grossi) the full orchestra, as opposed to the instrumental soloists. Also called: concerto Compare concertino1
[C18: from Italian: from ri- re- + pieno, from Latin plēnus full]


(ˈtu ti)

adj., n., pl. -tis. adj.
1. all (used as a musical direction for all to perform together).
2. a musical passage or movement tutti.
[1715–25; < Italian, pl. of tutto all]
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No score, parts bound together: violin I (primo and ripieno), violin II (primo and ripieno), viola, violoncello, basso ripieno (with continuo figurations).
The Calzone Ripieno full of tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, veal sausages, beef salami, pepperoni and mushrooms proved to be a dazzling delight and the filling was kept warm by the folded and cut presentation.
che adesso abbiamo pure la beffa della deformazione professionale del sedere ripieno alla baiadera.
This work, a brief Alleluia setting for Basso solo, Soprano, Alto and Tenor ripieno, 2 violins and organ, is skillfully enough composed, yet its title--'Da Leop: H: D:S:M: 1756.
Blackboard signs promising die most authentic version of popular deep-fried Roman-Jewish specialties, such as artichokes alla giudia (Jewish-style artichokes) or fiore di zucca ripieno (zucchini stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies), compete for the attention of tourists, both Jewish and not, from all over the world.
This is the case particularly with the Concerto and Symphony--in both cases the most important solos are entrusted to one violin, the oboe, bassoon and cello, while for example the second oboe remains with the tasks of the ripieno part.
The concerto is scored for an ensemble consisting of two concertino violins and cello, ripieno strings and continuo.
Spicer also had the resourceful idea of including the youthful ripieno chorus in all the chorales, instead of just the beginning and end of Part I.
Anna and I were happy to try the Coppa Cafe, vanilla ice cream with swirls of coffee cream, and the Orange Ripieno, orange sorbet in an orange shell.
Inspired with a new spirit of madness ("spirito novo di furor ripieno," VIII 62) Argillano stirs up the Italian troops in revolt against Goffredo.
There are quick shifts from concerto to ripieno, and irreverent changes of tempo, and, with them, dizzying switches between the modes.