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adj. rip·pli·er, rip·pli·est
Characterized by or sounding in ripples.
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(ˈrɪp li)

1. characterized by ripples; rippling.
2. sounding like rippling water.
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A little ripply, cool breeze begun to blow, and that was as good as saying the night was about done.
"He felt my stomach and it felt ripply over where the bowel would be.
The egg-crate foam Bed gives the bed a ripply appearance; its maker (877) 738-6283 says it's designed to encourage dogs who like to dig and scratch before they lay down, and it definitely attracted that activity.
Amory wasn't good enough for Clara, Clara of ripply golden hair, but then no man was.
Several tattoos are visible on his ripply torso, including portraits of his daughter Bianca and ex-wife Sheryl, together with Chinese symbols.
The green color becomes more obvious through larger telescopes at high powers, while the nebula's texture has been compared to the ripply mottled clouds of a mackerel sky.
Now is the high tide of the year, And whatever of life hath ebbed away Comes flooding back with a ripply cheer, Into every bare inlet and creek and bay.