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n. Slang
One that is remarkable for strength, intensity, or excellence.

rip′snort′ing adj.


slang a person or thing noted for intensity or excellence
[C19: from rip1 + snorter]
ˈripˌsnorting adj


(ˈrɪpˈsnɔr tər)

something exceedingly strong, exciting, etc.: a ripsnorter of a storm.
[1830–40, Amer.]
rip′snort`ing, adj.
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So any wine to accompany such bold flavours will have to be a bit of a ripsnorter too
Altrincham levelled two minutes into the second half through Jordan Hulme but Gittings made no mistake second time around, notching with a long-range ripsnorter that flew past keeper Tony Thompson.
It should be a ripsnorter of a game and one that the authorities hope will go owithout incident.
As both sides go into this one in superb form it promises to be a ripsnorter of a tie.
Gareth Barry rescued a point for Villa in a ripsnorter of a game at Stamford Bridge on Boxing Day in 2007.
The unexposed Cougar Mountain, and French dark horse Rangali, are just two others to consider in what looks a ripsnorter of a sprint.
Aaron Finch, who started the tournament in smashing form, fell in just the third over to Mitchell Starc, who produced a ripsnorter of a short delivery to send the Australian back to the pavilion - Starc (4-0-21-2) would bowl wonderfully well towards the end of the innings too, to earn his money, and then some, for the night.
In the charts this week, horror ripsnorter Resident Evil: Revelations shot straight to the top of the charts, sending fellow chiller Dead Island: Riptide sliding down to four.
Kicking into high gear as the campaign is upon us, he's suddenly all over the news doing things that may be cold-blooded polities but suggest warm-blooded humanity--singing "Let's Stay Together" at the Apollo, talking hoops on Bill Simmons's ESPN podcast (he wowed sports-talk hosts with his detailed knowledge of Blake Griffin's jump shot), phoning Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh's noxious name-calling, and giving a ripsnorter of a speech to the United Auto Workers that had the crowd chanting "Four more years!
Craig Revel Horwood was also full of praise for Jason, saying: "It was a ripsnorter mate.
GETON Ripsnorter PEDAL POWER The bookies find alternative transport after doing their brains (and their cars) at Goodwood