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n. Slang
One that is remarkable for strength, intensity, or excellence.

rip′snort′ing adj.


slang a person or thing noted for intensity or excellence
[C19: from rip1 + snorter]
ˈripˌsnorting adj


(ˈrɪpˈsnɔr tər)

something exceedingly strong, exciting, etc.: a ripsnorter of a storm.
[1830–40, Amer.]
rip′snort`ing, adj.
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"He was known as The Taz, short for the ripsnorting, whirlwind cartoon character, the Tasmanian devil," former Virginia Supreme Court justice John Charles Thomas said in an essay.
While the ripsnorting 4C and Spider two-seater sports car are pretty much in the racing Alfa DNA, the new SUV breaks the mould, very like it did for Porsche with the Cayenne and Jaguar with the F-Pace.
Over the past couple of months Scottish football has showcased a number of big, ripsnorting matches, almost all having raged from end to end of heaving stadia and in front of breathless, roaring crowds.
You'll be rewarded with a ripsnorting all-wheel drive 306PS road rocket for just PS29,000.
But far better to stick to the war years and ripsnorting tales of daring-do, as Brathwaite did in his first novel, Fear in the Night (1959).