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While the ripsnorting 4C and Spider two-seater sports car are pretty much in the racing Alfa DNA, the new SUV breaks the mould, very like it did for Porsche with the Cayenne and Jaguar with the F-Pace.
Over the past couple of months Scottish football has showcased a number of big, ripsnorting matches, almost all having raged from end to end of heaving stadia and in front of breathless, roaring crowds.
You'll be rewarded with a ripsnorting all-wheel drive 306PS road rocket for just PS29,000.
But far better to stick to the war years and ripsnorting tales of daring-do, as Brathwaite did in his first novel, Fear in the Night (1959).
I was under the impression that an FK Vetra was a reasonably priced hatchback, not quite with the ripsnorting acceleration of, say, the Ford Focus but a decent little motor nonetheless.