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Noun1.rise to power - the act of attaining or gaining access to a new office or right or position (especially the throne)rise to power - the act of attaining or gaining access to a new office or right or position (especially the throne); "Elizabeth's accession in 1558"
attainment - the act of achieving an aim; "the attainment of independence"
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Henry VII, indeed, did not love him, so More did not rise to power while he lived.
This "scabby one" rowed at the oar as a slave of the Grand Signor's for fourteen years, and when over thirty-four years of age, in resentment at having been struck by a Turk while at the oar, turned renegade and renounced his faith in order to be able to revenge himself; and such was his valour that, without owing his advancement to the base ways and means by which most favourites of the Grand Signor rise to power, he came to be king of Algiers, and afterwards general-on-sea, which is the third place of trust in the realm.
"Suppose she is the daughter of an auctioneer," said the Comtesse Feraud, smiling, "that will not hinder her husband's rise to power."
The opponents' behavior indicates that they lack the courage to accept Kaptaan's rise to power.
Due to increasing threats to its waters over protection of sea-lanes of communication, maritime trade, freedom of navigation and deep seabed exploration, the region has become a point of convergence for India, the US, Japan, Australia and Vietnam The common ground achieved between these players is centered on China's rise to power and its increased aggression in the South China Sea India's ambitious 'Act East Policy,' America's renewed 'Pivot to Asia' and Japan's bid for a 'Confluence of the Oceans' share a common strategy for the future of the region.
President Rodrigo Duterte's rise to power shows all the indicators of a global populist movement that bypasses traditional political parties and sees leaders speaking directly to people and tapping into their fears and hopes, a professor at the London School of Economics said.
Murphy said, "We examine how these people rise to power - they're idiots." Dunham's character would appear in Episode 7, "Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag."
Charting the Corleone crime family's rise to power in New York, the epic gangster film topped the poll of 20,000 readers of Empire movie magazine.
Though there have been widespread protests, violent in some cases, in the US, and there have been expressions of fear by world leaders, after Mr Trump's rise to power, the results of the US elections cannot be altered.
Now with the rise to power of the new Canadian government, hopes are seen on both sides that Ottawa would modify its policy of antagonism against Iran.
We've already seen the more public signs of that 2002 move--Daesh's sweeping rise to power and the disintegration of the Iraqi army, to name a few.
He reviews ChinaEs rise to power, outlines strategic challenges related to China, and describes methods for shaping ChinaEs choices, discussing initiatives such as the Strategic and Economic Dialogue.