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 (rĭsh′ē, rē′shē)
n. pl. rish·is
In Hinduism, a divinely inspired poet or sage, sometimes regarded as a saint.

[Sanskrit ṛṣiḥ; see ers- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Hinduism) a Hindu seer or sage, or, earlier, a Vedic poet
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NOT KNOWN to be frugal with words, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday suggested defence scientists to learn humbleness from ' rishis' as he asked them to stay focused on their work.
Parrikar was addressing the Directors' Conference of Defence Research and Development Organisation ( DRDO) in New Delhi where he evoked scientific tempers and the spirit of ' rishis'.
But the major difference that I find in those days and today is that ' rishis' had control over ego, control over anger.
But the major difference that I find in those days and today is that rishis had control over ego, control over anger.
In ancient India, rishis were the scribes of the Vedas.
Some of the Rishis or "seers" of yoga specialized in environmental health (SthapatyaVeda, also known as "Vastu" or simply Vedic Architecture).
The whole message of the Vedic Rishis was that we could live life in total unison with universal intelligence, with natural law.
The Vedic Rishis saw that everything is connected by, and is an expression of the unified field.
FEARING protest from minority religious organisations and the Opposition, the Madhya Pradesh government on Saturday withdrew its decision to address teachers as rashtra rishis .
The state school education minister, Archana Chitnis, termed the rashtra rishi controversy baseless.
Non Resident Nepalese Association-National Co-ordination Council (NRNA-NCC) in collaboration with 50 other community organisations recently celebrated Rishi Panchami, the third day of Teej festival at Gulf Paradise Hotel.
Nepalese women offer prayer along the bank of the Bagmati River, during the Rishi Panchami festival, in Kathmandu on September 20.