rising prices

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Noun1.rising prices - a general and progressive increase in pricesrising prices - a general and progressive increase in prices; "in inflation everything gets more valuable except money"
cost-pull inflation - inflation caused by an increase in the costs of production
demand-pull inflation - inflation caused by an increase in demand or in the supply of money
economic process - any process affecting the production and development and management of material wealth
reflation - inflation of currency after a period of deflation; restore the system to a previous state
stagflation - a period of slow economic growth and high unemployment (stagnation) while prices rise (inflation)
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TAP) - Residents of Sidi Bouzid, on Saturday, staged a peaceful protest march to denounce the Finance Law and rising prices.
5% in June 2017 year-on-year, as a result of rising prices of manufacturing products by 4.
Ian Geddes, head of retail at Deloitte, said the figures were an early indication rising prices were impacting demand.
CONSUMER spending has fallen annually for the first time in nearly four years, signalling more households cutting back amidst rising prices and stalling wage growth.
In a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Cabinet expressed concern over rising prices of pulses and decided to increase imports, among other measures.
Expectations of actors do not simply follow prices, though, because prices need to be interpreted (for instance, a rising price can indicate both rising prices in the future or falling prices, depending on assumptions about the ceiling, given general market conditions.
Rising prices of energy resources in Armenia may affect the economic growth rates, Finance Minister of Armenia
Nearly 2000 workers in Damietta protested rising prices affecting their livelihoods on Sunday
Its officials also appeal for caution in regard to the rising prices of imported food, especially in conditions when domestic supply of farming products has declined.
Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem-Shirazi said, "The issues of rising prices and economic problems are putting more and more pressure on the people day-by-day.
Governing VMRO-DPMNE said that the privatization of ESM was to blame for the rising electricity price and that the rising prices of oil in world markets drove up prices of gasoline in Macedonia, something which the Macedonian Government cannot have effect on.