risk of infection

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Noun1.risk of infection - the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred
probability, chance - a measure of how likely it is that some event will occur; a number expressing the ratio of favorable cases to the whole number of cases possible; "the probability that an unbiased coin will fall with the head up is 0.5"
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Lady Susan's maternal fears were then too much awakened for her to think of anything but Frederica's removal from the risk of infection; above all disorders in the world she most dreaded the influenza for her daughter's constitution!
[USA], June 24 (ANI): Usage of oral steroid in patients with inflammatory diseases like polymyalgia rheumatica or giant cell arteritis significantly increased the risk of infection and the risk increases with higher doses.
The Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine reminds citizens that with increased temperatures, the risk of infection among livestock also increases.
ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel Suitable for use from six months, this cool gel takes the itch away to prevent risk of infection. It can be used on the face or body.
ISLAMABAD -- Vitamin D was boosting recovery from burn injury as patients with severe burns are at high risk of infection, a study revealed.
Judge Ramsey wrote of the ruling, "There is no generally accepted scientific evidence -- and plaintiffs offer none -- that the risk of infection associated with FAWs [forced-air warming systems] is greater than that associated with patients who are not warmed during surgery." The object of the lawsuits, the, Bair Hugger , is a forced air warming system that has been used in hospitals all over the nation.
A SENIOR cleric has suspended the use of the sign of peace handshake due to the risk of infection.
The new disposable, single-use arthroscopes replace existing reusable examining tools which are often of poorer vision quality and can increase the risk of infection if not sterilised correctly.
Bites are usually not sutured because of the risk of infection. The exception is facial bites that may be disfiguring.
Bird flu restrictions placed on farmers in the UK will be lifted next month after the risk of infection has been reduced.
On World Hepatitis Day, the Department of Health (DOH) urged new mothers and pregnant women to have their infants vaccinated against hepatitis B from birth to lessen the risk of infection.