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Noun1.risk taker - someone who risks loss or injury in the hope of gain or excitementrisk taker - someone who risks loss or injury in the hope of gain or excitement
adventurer, venturer - a person who enjoys taking risks
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Choose from a range of palettes including Risk Taker, Qween Supreme and Power Hungry.
She said she tried her best and the reason she decided to sing the song that way was because she is a risk taker," Kimmel said (via (http://people.com/music/jimmy-kimmel-reaction-fergie-national-anthem/) People ).
If he is basically an optimist and he thinks he can influence or control the outcomes of historical developments, he is most likely to be a high, rather than low, risk taker. These beliefs may clue us in on what strategies and courses of actions the leader will more likely take to produce a desired outcome.
In order to answer the third (self definition of risk taker related to taking chances) and fourth (variable associated with risk taking) research questions, we analyzed 3 logistic regression models for each of the 8 variables of chance-taking activities as dependent variables (see Results section for descriptions of variables).
Designer Zac Posen said that it has been an incredible journey as the 'Umbrella' singer is a risk taker and knows what she likes.
Adventure Inward: A Risk Taker's Book of Quotes is primarily a pick for adventurers; but those non-adventurers who like taking personal risks will also find much here to appreciate.
To start a business do you have to be a risk taker? Do you have to be someone who can sell anything to anyone?
Global Banking News-April 3, 2013--Banks in UK lobbying to make 'risk taker' definition stricter(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
The French film, The Intouchables, tells the true story of a wealthy, physically disabled risk taker, the picture of established French nobility, who lost his wife in an accident and whose world is turned upside down when he hires a young, good-humoured, black Muslim ex-con as his caretaker.
It seems that now if you are an excessive risk taker and you are excessively damaged by a bad gamble, the U.S.
For decades, maybe longer, the notion that the CEO must be an entrepreneurial risk taker has been treated as a given fact--and not just a risk taker, but a big "bold" risk taker at that.
Risk taker: Ramsay had to sell his Ferrari Burden: New York restaurant