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1. The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger.
2. A factor, thing, element, or course involving uncertain danger; a hazard: "the usual risks of the desert: rattlesnakes, the heat, and lack of water" (Frank Clancy).
a. The danger or probability of loss to an insurer.
b. The amount that an insurance company stands to lose.
a. The variability of returns from an investment.
b. The chance of nonpayment of a debt.
5. One considered with respect to the possibility of loss: a poor risk.
tr.v. risked, risk·ing, risks
1. To expose to a chance of loss or damage; hazard. See Synonyms at endanger.
2. To incur the risk of: His action risked a sharp reprisal.
at risk
In an endangered state, especially from lack of proper care: unsupervised children who are at risk of dropping out of school.

[French risque, from Italian risco, rischio, probably from Medieval Greek rizikon, sustenance obtained by a soldier through his own initiative, fortune, from Arabic rizq, sustenance, that which God allots, from Syriac ruziqā, daily bread, from Middle Iranian rōčig, from rōč, day, from Old Iranian *raučah-; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]

risk′er n.
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Yield premiums over benchmark US government bonds are still not too tight, unlike many risker corporate bond markets which appear increasingly expensive.
Our systematic, science-based approach to exploration is providing a very high-quality portfolio of projects across the early-stage, copper-gold in NSW and more advanced, low risker risk late-stage projects in Tennant Creek.'
These respondents rejected that GM food could cause cancer (48.3%, n = 9) or might be risker to consume than traditional food (41.5%, n = 14).
"The first quarter is going to be risker in terms of volatility than the fourth quarter," Duperreault said.
Overall, these results provide additional evidence of an expansion of credit supply for risker borrowers.
As the spread narrows and banks rebalance their lending portfolios toward risker assets, a 1 percent decrease in the U.S.
North East boxer Paige Risker made history by taking part in the first final of the country's first allfemale event.
Fitch considers Guatemala to be a risker market to operate in than Peru.
The Change of mind-set in terms of firm dedication and commitment to assure that a single rupee invested in the Capital Market shall remain safe, the participation in risker products is subject to a very strict criteria, and when Exchange is ready to squander a million rupees to find the owner of a single rupee whose owner is lost or died.
Introduced in 2016, the law that cap lenders' interest to borrowers at four per cent above CBK rate has led banks to significantly cut credit to risker profiles, leading to slow growth in credit to the private sector, and especially to micro, small and- medium enterprises in the agriculture and trade sectors.