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n. ristocetina, antibiótico que se usa en el tratamiento de infecciones producidas por un estreptococo gram-positivo.
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Platelet aggregation was determined by the visual micro method [37] using the following as inducers: ADP (0.5 x [10.sup.-4] M); collagen (dilution of main suspension 1:2); thrombin (0.125 u/ml); ristomycin (0.8 mg/ml); epinephrine (5 x [10.sup.-6] M); hydrogen peroxide (7.3 x [10.sup.-3] M); and a combination of ADP and epinephrine, ADP and collagen, epinephrine and collagen.
The most active platelet aggregation developed in these animals under collagen; platelet aggregation under ristomycin, [H.sub.2][O.sub.2], and ADP was observed later, and afterward--under thrombin.
Thus, the platelets in the animals with developed dyslipidemia at all ages most actively responded to collagen and ADP, poorly to [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] and ristomycin, and even less to thrombin and epinephrine.