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A string on which foodstuffs, such as chilies, onions, or garlic, are threaded or tied for storage.

[Spanish, from Old Spanish riestra, variant of riesta, rieste, from Latin restis, rope, cord, ristra.]
Word History: A ristra not only can be used to decorate bare kitchen walls, it is a good way of preserving foodstuffs that keep best in the open air. Dried chilies are likely to get musty if stored in a dark or damp place where there is no movement of air, and garlic and onions may begin to sprout. The Spanish word ristra descends from the Latin word restis, meaning not only "rope" but also "ristra." Ristras of garlic and onions have probably adorned Mediterranean kitchens since ancient times.
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(Cookery) cookery a string of dried chilli peppers, sometimes used as decoration
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Una ristra de argumentos cede a la hora de defender el Codigo de Honor Militar con una disquisicion en apariencia bizantina: Videla opta por hablar de "aniquilacion" (del accionar "subversivo") y no de "exterminio", por no corresponder con las razones morales del Ejercito.
For example, in 2014 Whole Foods' North Atlantic region committed to sourcing roughly 3,000 boxes of ristra, a type of dried chili pepper, through New Mexico's La Montanita Co-op Distribution Center, which sources from a base of more than 1,300 New Mexican producers.
Facil porque existe una larga ristra de valores entre los que podemos escoger: el respeto a las personas, la defensa del interes publico, la credibilidad, la integridad, la objetividad, la independencia, la legalidad, la confidencialidad, etc.
Chilli peppers are also used for ornament - either the plant with ripe fruit, or the dried ripe chillies threaded on a string to make a ristra.