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or ritard.,

Music. ritardando.
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Technology from RIT is expected to be added to the site shortly.
Furthermore, he praised the success of RIT Dubai in attracting e-literature experts from around the world to participate in the conference that examines the benefits of e-literature as a new form of communication and its contribution to boosting social networking and creativity.
One of RIT's biggest uses for microLite is also for the production of RIT hockey through its award-winning SportsZone Live broadcasts.
5p to 527p after RIT said: "The possibility of combining the two companies for the benefit of both sets of shareholders is at a very preliminary stage of consideration.
6billlion at the close of last week and RIT Capital was worth PS2.
He said that federal board of revenue (FBR) gave a target of Rs 5,593 million to RIT, however the regional office collected 10 per cent more tax money.
RIT finished with a 36-26 shots advantage and peppered Ginn in the first period, when the Tigers outshot the Crusaders, 12-5.
Conditional upon the transaction's regulatory approval, RIT will acquire Hansa's holding in Strategic Equity Capital plc.
RIT, which has historically been employed to treat cancer, uses monoclonal antibodies-cloned cells that are recruited by the immune system to identify and neutralize antigens
Student's progress will be monitored by RIT Dubai, and students will commit to working in the ICT sector on graduation.
Luther Troll, interim president at RIT Dubai, signed the agreement.