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adv. & adj. Music
Gradually slowing in tempo; retarding. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, present participle of ritardare, to slow down, from Latin retardāre; see retard1.]


adj, adv
(Classical Music) another term for rallentandoAbbreviation: rit
[C19: from Italian, from ritardare to slow down]


(ˌri tɑrˈdɑn doʊ)

adj., adv.
Music. becoming gradually slower.
[1805–15; < Italian, ger. of ritardare; see retard]
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Adj.1.ritardando - gradually decreasing in tempo
decreasing - music
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But what we did hear from Andsnes was wonderful: full, rich chording and pastel colouring in the First Concerto, and a natural empathy with the orchestra (not least interchanges with the flute) even permitting some brave ritardandi in the tempi.
While pieces from the 1970s and earlier are typically ametrical--with supple, ever-changing rhythmic configurations, grace notes, and accelerandi and ritardandi within a single beat--more recent pieces are just as likely to employ a constant underlying pulsation.
Robust features like TempoTap(TM) allow users to control the nuances of rubati, accelerandi, and ritardandi with the tap of a finger.