ritual killing

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Noun1.ritual killing - the act of killing (an animal or person) in order to propitiate a deity
animal, animate being, beast, creature, fauna, brute - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
kill, putting to death, killing - the act of terminating a life
hecatomb - a great sacrifice; an ancient Greek or Roman sacrifice of 100 oxen
immolation - killing or offering as a sacrifice
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Residents of Koforidua, particularly those around Abrewa-Nkwanta and Oyoko, are living in a state of fear, following what residents describe as the ritual killing of a 24-year-old trader, Regina Opokua.
If my axiom is sound, then the council should work to persuade the majority that religious, ritual killing is as painless as secular killing.
Ritual Killing and Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East.
The largest known child ritual killing site in the world - with corpses of more than 140 children and 200 young llamas - was discovered by archaeologists in northern coast of the Huanchaco district, Peru. Researchers believe the sacrifice might be carried out to avert a climate event like El-Nino.
His remarks follow the recent incident where some residents went on the rampage by damaging property, accusing someone for ritual killing, following the death of his herdboy.
That theory had long been domain of ranting conspiracy mongers and eccentric babushkas, but now it appears to be taken seriously by the state itself: Following Shevkunov's comments, the powerful Investigative Committee, Russia's equivalent of the FBI, quickly announced that it would take part in such an investigation of alleged ritual killing. Needless to add, Russian Jewish community leaders were outraged.
The ritual killing took place at Fulwari village under Tarabadi police station in Araria district, some 300km east of Patna, and sparked protests in the area.
She did make sure to do the right thing by having a canao-the Cordillera ritual killing of a pig within the premises-to pray for the success of the venture.
However, the abolition of the slave trade and slavery by the colonial powers and the criminalisation of ritual killing have driven the practice to the underworld.
With just three days to go before the ritual killing, Milton crosses paths with knockout waitress Piper, who steals her cheating exboyfriend's vintage Charger and joins him on his quest to save the Earth from the forces of darkness (2011) ???
[Marcus] had not been encircled by so much blood since his days as a boy at the slaughterhouse, watching the ritual killing of animals in accordance with Jewish law.
There is concern that in many countries the guidelines for the humane killing of livestock are often cruelly abused, particularly the provision of first stunning the animal before its ritual killing, in keeping with religious practices.