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tr.v. rit·u·al·ized, rit·u·al·iz·ing, rit·u·al·iz·es
1. To make a ceremony of or put in the form of a ceremony: The Christian service ritualizes the Last Supper in the Eucharist.
2. To put into a prescribed and socially acceptable form or order: "Sport ritualizes aggression and allows it to be linked with competitive achievement" (David Whitson).
3. Zoology To cause (behavior) to have the form of a ritual: courtship behavior that has become ritualized.

rit′u·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.




the state or process of ritualizing
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It was an undignified conclusion to a remarkably demeaning day The symbolism of a woman stretching out her hand in a desire for Communion, only to be degraded, dictated to, and sent away empty seemed like an apt ritualization of our experience.
Dietrich revealingly explores the interrelationship of political and corporate ritualization in the production of public opinion and reproduction of power relations.
In the section below, we will consider two sets of examples--the first illustrates the politicization of food, and the second illustrates its symbolic ritualization.
He discusses the problems of revelation, ritualization, contradiction, and law's dependence upon them; restoration in Haggai-Zechariah as dependent upon difference; the role of exclusion in monotheistic law; constructivism as a consequence of exile; differentiating exiles; and returning to the centrality of religion.
Current ritualization of interactions between the Japanese and Chinese coast guards in the East China Sea should be further entrenched.
As a methodological approach, we use the path traced by Gutmann (2013) to "reflect on the uses of speaking bodies" done by Adidas in the group's music videos "While builders of senses (or in the words of Martin-Barbero, as technicalities of ritualization of senses and values .
It comprises 48 items rated on a 4-point Likert scale (1 = not really true to 4 = really true) to measure the degree of ritualization of the family in relation to six settings (dinnertime, birthdays, weekends, vacations, religious celebrations, and Sunday lunch).
The opposition to him was due to his criticism of idol worship, Brahmanical rituals and ritualization of Basavanna tradition by Lingayats.
In fact I will argue that a ritualized mystification is actually the result of a twisted representation and that the failure of the production of meaning occurs in the process of the mediated ritualization of the medium and the content.
Fascism also used the memorial culture of the war in the ritualization processes which underpinned its sacralization of politics, as Emilio Gentile has defined the vision underlying the complex system of myths, symbol and rituals at the core of the political practice of the fascist regime (Il culto del littorio).
She could not remain within that unproblematic ritualization of the split between the verbal and the visual.
They became the core of international law in Europe and were based on the idea that opposing parties resort to war, which is "the ritualization of violence between adversaries who respect each other as equals" (and not on the theory of just war which is "intended to empower and bond a superior civilization against a 'savage' or 'barbarian' Other.