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Noun1.riveting machine - a machine for driving rivets
machine - any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks
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Solving this problem would allow Airbus to de-commission the use of the Preca riveting machine, therefore removing the risk of delay due to machine failure, and also seize the opportunity to remove the assembly processes and streamline the manufacturing process.
Items designed and built by IMechE members included: Joseph Whitworth's measuring tools, which set standards for screws that endured until 1986; William Fairbairn's riveting machine for wrought-iron boilers, which made domestic heating possible; James Nasmyth's steam hammer, which could use enough regulated force to either shape metal or break an eggshell; and Henry and Joseph Maudslay's marine steam engines.
The engineer Sir William Fairbairn, born in Kelso in 1789, worked at Percy Main Colliery in North Tyneside from the age of 14 and was a pioneer of water mill improvements, also inventing a riveting machine which revolutionised the manufacture of boilers.
In regard to the riveting tool (Farm Collector, February 2005, page 5), it was patented as a "riveting machine," patent no.
A 10% reduction in welding applications in the next five years would double the riveting machine market.
The Boeing Commercial Airplace Group, Wichita Div, is taking delivery of the first of two DNC/CND C-frame riveting machine cells with positioners from Broetje-Automation GmbH of Rastede, Germany.