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Wholly absorbing or engrossing one's attention; fascinating: a riveting science-fiction novel.

riv′et·ing·ly adv.


in a riveting manner
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One of the legends which the Irish writer, Lafcadia Hearn, penned in his 19th century book of Japanese ghost stories titled, Kwaidan, Snow Woman has been filmed time and again, but most rivetingly by director Masaki Kobayashi.
1) Reading "As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life" as "the most rivetingly existential account of infinitude in the English language[,]" Longenbach describes how, in the poem's final sentence, Whitman becomes "a thing himself[,]" a thing that, like the things around him, is "a metaphor for something else" (146, 147, 150).
With a stellar cast of Mawra Hocane, Saba Hammed and Fahad Mustafa in the lead roles, the show tells the rivetingly emotional story of a daughter-in-law who lives with her over-possessive mother-in-law who disapproves of her very presence in the house.
An elegantly disquieting investigation into the interrelation of faith, violence, and sexual degradation, held together by a rivetingly sure-footed performance by German star Martina Gedeck ("The Lives of Others"), "Original Bliss" might be most impressive for how much it resembles its lead character: calm and orderly on the surface, but roiling with inchoate perversities underneath.
It doesn't provide a rivetingly interactive drive, but it does demonstrate a decent amount of mettle and its easy, relaxed manner and high level of comfort will appeal to many.
Allen's narrative is well documented, written rivetingly for general readers.
Even though, or perhaps because of its extreme simplicity, coupled with the high definition of colors within a limited range, it was surprisingly rivetingly beautiful.
The side plot with his love interest, Chen's sister (Tang Wei), is less successful, but in both globe-trotting locales and cast, few movies have been as rivetingly East-West as "Blackhat,'' which soaks up the murky friend-enemy relationship between China and the U.
In doing so, she rivetingly employs a totally committed cast, led by Crissy Rock.
In this, she welds your eyeballs to the screen with a rivetingly ambiguous performance which skips from sincere victim of circumstance to imperious ice queen, constantly keeping you guessing about her.
Secondly, the sight of Steve 'shaky hands' Strange being allowed near innocent people's earlobes with a pair of razorsharp steel blades was the kind of rivetingly tense TV that makes Breaking Bad look like Barbar The Elephant by comparison.
A rivetingly suspenseful denouement brings this heartfelt tale to its satisfying conclusion.