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Wholly absorbing or engrossing one's attention; fascinating: a riveting science-fiction novel.

riv′et·ing·ly adv.
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in a riveting manner
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Though the enlightened French philosopher made that sarcastic observation a few centuries ago as the world emerged from a similarly dark period, the words could easily apply to the National Football League, which finds itself on the defensive after a championship Sunday that was rivetingly nonsensical and nonsensically riveting.
Beautifully illustrated by the artwork of Edith and rivetingly written with some unexpected plot twists and turns by Zidrou (Benoit Drousie), "Emma G.
Brad Syke of The Buzz From Sydney also touted the performance, writing that Bingwa gave "a rivetingly, poignant delivery ...
As if the case of Jennifer Laude, a Filipino transgender woman murdered by a US Marine in an Olongapo motel room, her head submerged in the toilet bowl, wasn't compelling enough, director PJ Raval, in his documentary 'Call Her Ganda,' also found four women to rivetingly tell their joint efforts to seek justice.
There is a blowup of a 1977 picture of the Sex Pistols, which in the magazine itself can't have had anything like the incantatory power it does across two pages here, with Sid Vicious barely visible in the smoke, or perhaps hidden via a developing technique that cloaked the left side of the image in an otherworldly haze; Steve Jones holding his guitar low with a rivetingly clenched determination around his mouth, a sense of mission in a curl of a lip; and Johnny Rotten, at the center, almost not visible at all.
One of the legends which the Irish writer, Lafcadia Hearn, penned in his 19th century book of Japanese ghost stories titled, Kwaidan, Snow Woman has been filmed time and again, but most rivetingly by director Masaki Kobayashi.
In a brief essay on "Whitman and the Idea of Infinity," poet/critic James Longenbach triangulates Louise Gluck, Emmanuel Levinas, and Walt Whitman in order to craft a definition of infinity in which the poet "must inhabit his desolation." (1) Reading "As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life" as "the most rivetingly existential account of infinitude in the English language[,]" Longenbach describes how, in the poem's final sentence, Whitman becomes "a thing himself[,]" a thing that, like the things around him, is "a metaphor for something else" (146, 147, 150).
With a stellar cast of Mawra Hocane, Saba Hammed and Fahad Mustafa in the lead roles, the show tells the rivetingly emotional story of a daughter-in-law who lives with her over-possessive mother-in-law who disapproves of her very presence in the house.
An elegantly disquieting investigation into the interrelation of faith, violence, and sexual degradation, held together by a rivetingly sure-footed performance by German star Martina Gedeck ("The Lives of Others"), "Original Bliss" might be most impressive for how much it resembles its lead character: calm and orderly on the surface, but roiling with inchoate perversities underneath.
It doesn't provide a rivetingly interactive drive, but it does demonstrate a decent amount of mettle and its easy, relaxed manner and high level of comfort will appeal to many.
Allen's narrative is well documented, written rivetingly for general readers.
Even though, or perhaps because of its extreme simplicity, coupled with the high definition of colors within a limited range, it was surprisingly rivetingly beautiful.