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roach 1

n. pl. roach or roach·es
1. An edible freshwater cyprinid fish (Rutilus rutilus) of northern Europe.
2. Any of various similar fishes, such as some North American freshwater sunfishes.

[Middle English roche; akin to Medieval Latin rocea (attested in a source from England from around AD 1000) and Anglo-Norman roche and ultimately of unknown origin.]

roach 2

n. pl. roach·es
1. A cockroach.
2. Slang The butt of a marijuana cigarette.

roach 3

n. pl. roach·es
1. A roll of hair brushed up from the forehead or temple.
2. A hairstyle especially among certain Native American peoples in which the head is shaved except for a strip from front to back across the top.
3. Nautical
a. An outward curve in the leech of a fore-and-aft sail.
b. An inward curve in the foot of a square sail.
tr.v. roached, roach·ing, roach·es
1. To brush (hair) in a roach.
2. To shave (the mane of a horse) to a short bristle.

[Originally meaning "inward curve in a square sail," from roach and (in reference to the relatively high arch of the fish's back).]
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(Zoology) arched convexly, as the back of certain breeds of dog, such as the whippet
[C19: from roach3 or roach (vb) to cut (a sail) into a roach]
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