road gang

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road′ gang`

1. a group of workers employed to repair or build roads.
2. a detail of prisoners set to repairing a road.
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Noun1.road gang - a gang of road workers
work party, crew, gang - an organized group of workmen
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Night and day the road gangs toiled on the streets.
Tenders are invited for Engaging tractor and road gang for emergency reparis in hagaduru ward no.
Those few moments in the air completely reset my perspective, from an uptight city dweller in a group of strangers, to part of a road gang - with its own embryonic in-jokes.
Cook is one of the few remaining members of the original Polo Road Gang, the 11 Republican lawmakers who privately met before the 2009 session to unite behind Straus for speaker.
CREDITS: Filmed in New York by Marlboro Road Gang Prods, in association with Amblin Television.
The Falcons have an outside chance of nicking a last-eight spot but the Grace Road gang have charged into second spot in the northern division on the back of some awesome displays from all-rounders Andrew McDonald and Abdul Razzaq, while James Taylor, Josh Cobb and Claude Henderson are far from bit-part players for the Foxes.
Groups of us wartime youngsters tended to gather in parochial street gangs, and to be an official member of the Yew Tree Road gang necessitated walking the bank boards.
In the video, thugs claiming to be from the city's Walton City Road Gang can be seen terrorising local neighbourhoods on motorbikes, riding up and down terraced streets.
A friend of mine had worked on a road gang laying Tarmac for a few summers, and was always saying what great fun it was, so I thought I would give it a go too.
At the age of 11, he paid the taxes on that farm by working on the county road gang.
Black Bob's Creek mention is made also of a Road Gang at this location on the Great South Road 11 km south of Berrima.