road hog

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road hog

n. Informal
A motorist whose vehicle overlaps the traffic lane used by another motorist.
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road hog

(ˈrəʊdhɒɡ) or


informal a selfish or aggressive driver
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road′ hog`

a driver who obstructs traffic by occupying parts of two lanes.
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Noun1.road hog - a driver who obstructs others
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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Kipp compares two types of motorists: self-obsessed Mini Cooper drivers and aggressive, self-righteous Mitsubishi Pajero road hogs.
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PHOTO : Montgomery's LRW Series grinder, Decton's Model 32 hot air furnace, West Salem's 2852BH hog/pallet grinding system, Eurohansa's Zeno ZTLL grinder, Cresswood's wood grinder, Dresser's Road Hog, and EAC's Rotacrex rotary wood grinder.
NO-ONE likes a road hog - especially when it closes the M62 at rush hour while being chased by police!
Dolly Parton in her farm, part of Nicki McCubbing's installation Pictures: COLIN LANE/TMCL140711BLUECOAT-5 Nicki McCubbing has created an installation exploring the connections between Liverpool women and female country singers Road Hog by Bruce Lee Courtesy of the artist and Webb Gallery, Waxahachie, Texas Liverpool musician Mike Badger, pictured in Texas, features in Mark McNulty's short film Ashtrays & Tables Picture: MARK MCNULTY Trish Simonite's photographs show a flavour of the honky tonk in Liverpool and Texas: left, Side Bar, Smokey Moes, Liverpool; right, Tips, Arkey Blues Silver Dollar Saloon, Bandera, Texas
The following morning we had a lesson on how to operate the boat (even the most nervous road hog could do it), and then we were off along the canal.
I glanced out of the rear window and saw the cheeky critter sat on the pavement unmarked but wearing a stare that said: Road Hog!
I glanced out of the rear window and saw the cheeky critter sat on the pavement unmarked after running its four wheel gauntlet and wearing a stare that said: Road Hog!
Not being an older driver - or for that matter a younger driver, ditzy girl, boy racer, taxi driver, 4x4 road hog, salesman, cyclist or white van man...
Apparently, the alternative of a ride in road hog Alun Cairns' motor proved unpopular given his tendency to drive into anything that gets in his way.
BIG HOPE: Montoya testing; ROAD HOG: Montoya has to cut out the junk food
Anyone coming up the inside lane cannot pass the car in the middle lane, so to get round the road hog you must exceed the speed limit to pass that car.