road kill

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road′ kill`

the body of an animal killed on a road by a motor vehicle.
Also, road′kill`.
[1970–75, Amer.]
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Mammal surveys coordinator David Wembridge said: "Mammals on Roads began over 18 years ago and though no-one likes seeing road kill, recording such sightings every year tells us how wild mammals are faring in the surrounding landscape.
We do not know if the road killed rock python was the last of the species or one of four or six or 10.
One of the most significant papers published anywhere about road kills is a study by Teixeira, Coelho, Esperandio and Kindel (2013), because it addresses a central problem in road kill ecology: mortality is usually underestimated because carcasses are removed by scavengers, or are undetected by researchers for a variety of reasons.
"Over the years members of the public have reported their sightings of red and grey squirrels to the Red Squirrels Northern England project, so I hope that the practice of reporting sightings can be rolled out to include sightings of road kill."
In order to compare results of this survey with other lists available in the literature, we used a quantitative index of road kill vertebrates by traveled kilometer (Carvalho et al., 2014).
Sam Telford, a world authority on infectious diseases, assuages many of my health concerns about eating small-game road kill, admitting to eagerly picking up fresh, minimally damaged specimens to cook at home.
Talking about the new series, Sawyer said: "You'll see the road kill couture that I bought, which is really striking.
scuttled onto the road this dawn in search of road kill breakfast,
The Apache tribe member appeared in traditional native American dress at a hearing last month to claim the badger paws were road kill and the bird wings were found in a field.
The body of 57-year-old Bogdan Bartczak, who had a severe heart condition, was later "callously" dumped by the side of a road in the Black Country like "road kill."
The initial experience sets the mood; the first animal they come across is a dead one: road kill. The author asks that joke question: why did the pukeko cross the road?