road runner

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Noun1.road runner - someone who participates in long-distance races (especially in marathons)road runner - someone who participates in long-distance races (especially in marathons)
runner - a trained athlete who competes in foot races
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HCI exited it's investment in Road Runner earlier this year, when the hybrid truckload/LTL carrier recapitalized the company with an investment from Elliott Management.
"I loved the Road Runner's pistol grip shifter and the bright, vibrant color."
It really is tough at the top - unless of course you're Donald "Road Runner" Trump.
Pero pag dumating man ang panahong iyon, nawa'y sa iyong paghinto, matititigan mo na ang iyong Road Runner at makakapagpasalamat ka na nabigyan niya ng kahulugan ang buhay mo.
Dynamite Gulch is an animated storyland where guests will encounter the famed duo Road Runner and Wile E.
Coyote and the Road Runner themed roller coaster called the Fast and Furry-ous.
Fast forward two decades and the Road Runner has been designed into thousands of machine-vision systems while machine vision as a whole has moved ahead at breakneck speed.
Lindley Road Runners is a UK Athletics affiliated off-shoot of the popular Acre Street Runners.
Moving from banks, financial services first became available at retailers, now with Oneload & Road Runner relationship, financial solutions are now available on demand at your doorstep," said Muhammad Yar Hiraj, CEO of EP Systems.
| Crowe is N.Wales Road Runner of Year for ninth time
The move was an extension of Truman Arnold's roots in the fuel business, which date back to 1964 as a Conoco distributor and the launch of its Road Runner convenience store chain in 1969.