road runner

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Noun1.road runner - someone who participates in long-distance races (especially in marathons)road runner - someone who participates in long-distance races (especially in marathons)
runner - a trained athlete who competes in foot races
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Fast forward two decades and the Road Runner has been designed into thousands of machine-vision systems while machine vision as a whole has moved ahead at breakneck speed.
Lindley Road Runners is a UK Athletics affiliated off-shoot of the popular Acre Street Runners.
Rodgers also led his club to victory in the team competition but Moray Road Runners retain top spot in the league.
Much of the year, Road Runner crews stay busy clearing the roads of snow.
You'll also have to register for dial-up access, so have your Road Runner master account username and password handy.
One is Road Runner, a service offered locally by Oceanic Cable.
Content-smart Web switches enable Road Runner to place content within immediate reach of about 500,000 subscribers, on a network with access to 10.
Road Runner is a joint venture funded by Time Warner Inc, MediaOne Group, Compaq Computer Corp, Advance/Newhouse and Microsoft Corp, the last of which is also the co-owner, with NBC Corp, of MSNBC.
DART (Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting) will provide Road Runner with the ability to dynamically target and manage ad inventory and generate detailed ad performance reports for advertisers.
Road Runner customers also get free access to a robust suite of security products (anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall and parental controls), 52 channels of commercial free music with Road Runner Radio, thousands of videos from programming providers such as CNN and Showtime, plus photo sharing software that in many markets allows customers to post their creations to the web as well as their TV.
MANY runners from across the region are now tapering for the London Marathon on April 21, but John Ford of North Wales Road Runners is competing in a 26.
In 1973, when Petty was behind the wheel of his Road Runner, sales of Plymouth cars reached 750,000.