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Noun1.road surface - the paved surface of a paved roadwayroad surface - the paved surface of a paved roadway
paved surface - a level horizontal surface covered with paving material
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The council has been testing a machine called a MultiHog Patch Planer, which planes off the road surface to enable a squared-off hole to be filled by a following gang.
Road surface monitoring is an important work for public transportation system.
Key statement: An object of the present invention is to provide a rubber composition for a tire which has less perfomiance change with respect to a temperature change at a high temperature region and has less performance change with respect to a road surface change from a wet road surface to a dry road surface, and a tire which has a tire member composed of the rubber composition for a tire.
RAC chief engineer David Bizley said: Our figures sadly show a surprising and unwelcome first-quarter rise in the number of breakdowns where the poor quality of the road surface was a major factor.
I travel into the city every day from my home in that idyllic little spot known as the Lickey Hills and I have to say that the Lickey road surface is horrendous.
The new road surface is being laid along the A4067 between the Liberty Stadium and junction 45 of the M4.
Road surface construction must also be formulated to meet performance standards in both load expectations and climate conditions.
A project on road surface marking will be launched in 2013 in Bishkek with the assistance of the Japanese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, Japan Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Takayuki Koike said on August 14 during the meeting dedicated to Study on Improvement of Urban Transportation in Bishkek.
In fact, it was hard to criticise - even the loud engine roar and road surface noise added to its all-round appeal.
Bridgestone's CAIS system provides real-time road surface condition information to the driver through the the tires.
Cheshire West and Chester Council is carrying out a new programme of road surface dressing on selected roads.