road to Damascus

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Noun1.road to Damascus - a sudden turning point in a person's life (similar to the sudden conversion of the Apostle Paul on the road from Jerusalem to Damascus of arrest Christians)
turning point, landmark, watershed - an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend; "the agreement was a watershed in the history of both nations"
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We are not looking for Saul on the road to Damascus, just St Jeremy on the road and the miles to Dundee.
Without describing what exactly happened on the road to Damascus, Paul claims the Lord Jesus revealed himself to him and called him to his service.
It covers Sirah Sayfiyyah: 'Abd al-Qadir in North Africa 1833-48; 'Abd al-Qadir's Risalah on Hijrah; exile and imprisonment on the Road to Damascus 1848-52; from Istanbul to Damascus 1853-64; and Sirah Suyfiyyah: Sufism, suspicion, and the Kitab al-Mawaqif 1864-83.
I spotted a hunting, shooting version on a rack in T K Maxx: it was a Road to Damascus moment and I snapped it up.
I rain down, she is Saul on the road to Damascus, I am the one
Synopsis: Paul's spiritual journey is driven by a transforming encounter with the risen Lord on the road to Damascus.
Those evacuated from Fuaa and Kefraya will travel to Turkey via the Syrian-Turkish border post of al-Hawa before flying to Beirut and then travel by road to Damascus, according to reports citing the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
One of the great conversions of the Church was that of St Paul who was converted to Christianity by Jesus himself on the road to Damascus (Acts 9) as he was hunting down Christians to imprison or execute them.
I can therefore only conclude that after being beaten by Labour in the European elections last year, maybe it wasn't a spoof attempt at sabotage by Lord Callanan of Low Fell but his personal road to Damascus moment.
It is located closed to the main road to Damascus and Lebanon's borders.
For those fortunate to attend one of Ray's courses, it was a road to Damascus thought-provoking experience as to how the game of rugby should and could be played.
Nick Clegg must have had a road to Damascus moment.