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a. The foundation upon which the ties, rails, and ballast of a railroad are laid.
b. A layer of ballast directly under the ties.
2. The foundation and surface of a road.
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1. (Civil Engineering) the material used to make a road
2. (Civil Engineering) a layer of ballast that supports the sleepers of a railway track
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a. the bed or foundation for the track of a railroad.
b. the layer of ballast immediately beneath the ties of a railroad track.
2. the material of which a road is composed.
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Noun1.roadbed - a bed supporting a road
bed - a foundation of earth or rock supporting a road or railroad track; "the track bed had washed away"
road, route - an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
safety island, safety isle, safety zone, traffic island - a curbed area in a roadway from which traffic is excluded; provides safe area for pedestrians
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[ˈrəʊdbed] N (US) [of road] → firme m; [of railroad] → capa f de balasto
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The bridge seemed longer than it had ever seemed before, and he was glad when he felt the beat of the wheels on the solid roadbed again.
The new road will reduce traffic jams in Osh city and also prevent the destruction of the roadbed by large vehicles, Osh government said.
Scope of works comprises of a fresh construction of approximately 62kilometres of road between the villages of Mabeleapudi and Serule, including around six kilometres of access roads to Tshimoyapula and Serule villages.He stated that five burrow pit mining rights were issued at the end of February, adding that currently the contractor was sub-grading road layer for section one and they were working on the roadbed for section two as well as constructing the bridge.
'At present 83 percent of total work has been completed, out of which 392 kilometer roadbed and culvert passage, and other structures have already been completed,' the official told APP here on Thursday.
"The main damage to the road is that culverts are filled with ash and debris, as well as damage to the roadbed from heavy equipment operating across it during the fire," she wrote in an email.
During the construction process, the CA mortar of CRTS-I slab track is poured into the bag between track slab and concrete roadbed [6], which leads to the poor connections between CA mortar and track slab and between CA mortar and concrete roadbed.
The work will entail building a French drain to allow groundwater to migrate through the subsurface without damaging the roadbed. To help stabilize the slope and protect the highway from future slides, workers will deploy 45,000 tons of rock and 12 inches of gravel topped by 8 inches of asphalt.
In Japan, in 2000, 95 per cent of waste concrete was reused as roadbed and backfilling material.
Kozak, is working with state officials to determine what, if any, of the old roadbed is actually state property.
roadbed and structures, devices, power, automation, remote control and communication, the official website of the SCR says.
Transitions to bridges should be smooth, and the roadbed should be compacted to provide stability (Federal Highway Administration, 2012b).