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1. Road construction or repair.
2. Outdoor long-distance running as a form of physical exercise or conditioning.
3. The activity of taking a band, typically a rock band, on extended tours.


(General Sporting Terms) sports training by running along roads



a conditioning exercise for an athlete, esp. a boxer, consisting of running considerable distances on roads.
práce na silnici
radovi na cesti
도로 공사
công việc sửa đường


أَعْمَالُ الطَرِيق práce na silnici vejarbejde Straßenarbeiten οδικά έργα obras viales tietyöt travaux radovi na cesti lavori stradali 道路工事 도로 공사 wegwerkzaamheden veiarbeid roboty drogowe obras na estrada дорожные работы vägarbete การซ่อมถนน yol yapım çalışması công việc sửa đường 修路作业
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Worst offenders this year included a driver doing 73mph through a 30mph roadwork speed limit on the Tay Bridge and a motocyclist caught at 115mph on the Dundee to Aberdeen road.
99) - Roadwork has begun and will continue through September.
Tenders are invited for This contract provides for the roadway reconstruction of approx 2,000 LF of roadwork.
It's the roadwork on the way to Las Vegas and the convention activity.
Capital Drive (Spring Boulevard to Cresta De Ruta Street): Roadwork will take place all week with the majority of the work happening July 6-8.
One way to start solving the problem, the roadwork group argues, is to pass Proposition 42 on the March 5 ballot, which would earmark gasoline sales tax revenue for transportation.
5th Avenue (Bertelsen Road to west end): Traffic control staging will begin in preparation for the coming roadwork.
Parsons Roadwork Scheduling System (RSS) developed for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) was recently presented with the Ingenious Award in the large private business category by the Information Technology Association of Canada.
today for roadwork, said the California Department of Transportation.