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Noun1.roadworthiness - (of motor vehicles) the quality of being fit to drive on the open road
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
worthiness - the quality or state of having merit or value
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صَلاحِيَّة السَّيْر على الطَّريق
schopnost jízdy
schopnosť jazdy
yola dayanıklılık


(rəud) noun
1. a strip of ground usually with a hard level surface for people, vehicles etc to travel on. This road takes you past the school; (also adjective) road safety.
2. (often abbreviated to Rd when written) used in the names of roads or streets. His address is 24 School Road.
3. a route; the correct road(s) to follow in order to arrive somewhere. We'd better look at the map because I'm not sure of the road.
4. a way that leads to something. the road to peace; He's on the road to ruin.
ˈroadblock noun
a barrier put across a road (eg by the police) in order to stop or slow down traffic. to set up a roadblock.
road map
a map showing the roads of (part of) a country.
ˈroadside noun
the ground beside a road. flowers growing by the roadside; (also adjective) a roadside café.
ˈroadway noun
the part of a road on which cars etc travel. Don't walk on the roadway.
ˈroadworks noun plural
the building or repairing of a road. The traffic was held up by the roadworks.
ˈroadworthy adjective
good enough or safe to be used on the road. Is this car roadworthy?
ˈroadworthiness noun
by road
in a lorry, car etc. We'll send the furniture by road rather than by rail; We came by road.
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Under the TBTU campaign, the council inspects the PUVs' body (appearance), engine, lights, brakes, tires, horn, battery, and smoke emission to check their roadworthiness. Failure to pass the roadworthiness test will result in the suspension of the franchises of PUVs.
The LTFRB is ready to implement the public utility vehicles modernization program, phasing out jeepneys that do not pass roadworthiness tests in Region 10.
Cyprus has also two months to fully transpose and implement the directive on periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles and trailers.
The former friend of tragic model Katy French appeared at Dublin District Court to face a charge of driving a 05-reg import which allegedly did not have a roadworthiness certificate.
There will be no compulsory roadworthiness tests for motorcycles: this is the final decision of the Committee on Transport (TRAN) of the European Parliament which, on 30 May, excluded two-wheelers from the European Commission's proposal to toughen roadworthiness tests in the EU.
On Tuesday, officers from North Wales Police, Denbighshire and Flintshire County Councils and VOSA worked in partnership on Operation Coachman - a national operation to checking the roadworthiness of vehicles transporting children to and from school.
It will include a Bike Fix with a professional cycle mechanic from Wheelspin Cycles on hand to check the roadworthiness of bicycles and carry out minor repairs, and a Bike Bite with light refreshments for people who turn up with a bicycle.
Receiving one of the first certificates of roadworthiness ever issued is proud owner Charles Tealey (left) at Fairfield Garage, Stockton.
Knowsley council's licensing service says illegal, unlicensed taxis have not been examined by the council for safety and roadworthiness and are not insured.
Drivers should think carefully about the roadworthiness of their cars and their own ability to cope if the worst happens."
"We welcome transport groups holding strikes about jeepney modernization program but if it is because of our campaign for jeepneys' roadworthiness, we hope not," said I-ACT head Tim Orbos on Wednesday amid reports of a looming transport strike.