roar off

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Verb1.roar off - leave; "The car roared off into the fog"
take off, start out, set forth, set off, set out, start, depart, part - leave; "The family took off for Florida"
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Celebrity and former race car champion Gaby dela Merced has joined the growing list of participants the Cannonball 2016, the country's biggest motorsports event slated to roar off at Oxford Hotel and Casino at the Clark Freeport in Pampanga on Jan.
And on the new Tiger 800, that fantasy is that you are bidding a moist farewell to your wife and children and a less moist farewell to the cat as you climb aboard and roar off down the road to Kathmandu or Timbuktu to forge in the crucible of adventure the glittering sword of your hitherto unspoken future.
And Lewis Hamilton will roar off in his Mercedes from pole position at 1pm.
Flight Commander James Blackmore was the last of four Harrier GR9 pilots to roar off the deck of HMS Ark Royal which was sailing from North Shields, North Tyneside, across the North Sea, to Hamburg, Germany.
He shifts up a gear to roar off in melodic overdrive, powered by a bluesy guitar throb.
Hell's Angels get ready to roar off for a punch-up in July 1974 ( in the name of art.
Nineteen cars and six manufacturers will roar off the grid at the opening round of the season.
IF shopping's not your thing, belt up and roar off into the desert on a fourwheel drive Gulf Ventures Jeep safari.
I'd roar up onto an exotic beach on a jet-ski,exchange vows, and roar off into the distance wih a pile of cans trailing in the water behind us.
"A couple of times a week, something would startle an animal into running away, and Bashaw would roar off after it while simultaneously strategizing to keep the chase on the park roads, continuing to jot data on her record sheets, and watching for rhinos and other moving obstacles.
As well as street entertainment and chart-topping acts, all the rally cars will be lined up in St Mary Street for the public to see them close up and watch the drivers prepare to roar off for the first stage of this year's rally.