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1. Very lively or successful; thriving: a roaring trade.
2. Used as an intensive: roaring drunk.

roar′ing·ly adv.
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Gaily, roaringly, irresistibly, in jolly-good-fellow style, we dragged him from the restaurant to a cafe, stuffing his pockets with his embalmed birds and indigestible nuggets.
as underneath His plumage God lies an amputee got up like roaringly
In the end, Miyazaki manages to tell a roaringly good story with vivid characters--and great heart.
I am almost shocked to be telling you, and unbelievably sorry, that we will not be able to accept your roaringly unconventional, beautiful offer.
His career at the moment is very much like a spaceship a few minutes after a roaringly successful launch, heading for a long, high flight through space and time.