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v. roast·ed, roast·ing, roasts
1. To cook with dry heat, as in an oven or near hot coals.
2. To dry, brown, or parch by exposing to heat.
3. To expose to great or excessive heat.
4. Metallurgy To heat (ores) in a furnace in order to dehydrate, purify, or oxidize before smelting.
5. Informal
a. To ridicule or criticize harshly.
b. To honor at or subject to a roast.
1. To cook food in an oven.
2. To undergo roasting.
a. Something roasted.
b. A cut of meat suitable or prepared for roasting.
a. The act or process of roasting.
b. The state of being roasted.
a. Harsh ridicule or criticism.
b. A facetious tribute, as at a banquet, in which the honoree is alternately praised and insulted.
Roasted: roast duck.

[Middle English rosten, from Old French rostir, of Germanic origin.]
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Adj.1.roasted - (meat) cooked by dry heat in an oven
cooked - having been prepared for eating by the application of heat
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feed] the fire sometimes to his buttocks, sometimes to his legs, sometimes to his shoulders and arms; and that the roast might not burn, but that it might rest in soppe, they spared not flambing with oil, (basting as a cook bastes roasted meat); Lord, look thou to sic cruelty!
But first, before Kwaque was leaned back, Doctor Emory threw over the chair a sheet that smelled of having been roasted almost to the scorching point.
And Kwaque, leaning back in the queerest chair in which he had ever sat, was unaware that the end of his finger had been burned and roasted half an inch deep, and merely wondered when the medicine doctor would cease talking and begin looking at the swelling that hurt his side under his arm.
A strong breeze soon fanned the spark into a flame, and the eaglets, as yet unfledged and helpless, were roasted in their nest and dropped down dead at the bottom of the tree.
Shortly afterwards the Idol's worshippers held a great religious ceremony at the base of his pedestal, and as a part of the rites the Missionary was roasted whole.
It was all rocky: however I got many birds' eggs; and, striking fire, I kindled some heath and dry sea-weed, by which I roasted my eggs.
Sometimes after having been roasted in the fire, the natives snatch it briskly from the embers, and permitting it to slip out of the yielding rind into a vessel of cold water, stir up the mixture, which they call 'bo-a-sho'.
A decade ago, out of a crowd of New Yorkers, it's likely that only a handful would have been able to identify where the coffee they drink was roasted. Due to the influx of so many new roasting companies within the city's limits in the past decade--most new entrants concentrated within the past two years-a good portion of that crowd would be able to say not only where their coffee was roasted but maybe even where it was grown.
And not all acids in green coffee or in roasted coffee actually affect the taste of the extracted beverage in the cup.
The original air roasters were also were primitive in terms of control of the roast atmosphere, not much more than simple on-off roasters that roasted only within a narrow range of batch size.