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A Frenchman who had just pushed a Russian soldier away was squatting by the fire, engaged in roasting a piece of meat stuck on a ramrod.
Life, in its freedom of come and go, by heaving sea and reeling deck, through the home of the trade-winds, back and forth between the ports, ceased there for him in Walter Merritt Emory's office, while the calm-browed Miss Judson looked on and marvelled that a man's flesh should roast and the man wince not from the roasting of it.
Mary did look up, and she did stare at me: the ladle with which she was basting a pair of chickens roasting at the fire, did for some three minutes hang suspended in air; and for the same space of time John's knives also had rest from the polishing process: but Mary, bending again over the roast, said only -
Much the miller's son fell to roasting the deer afresh, while another and fatter beast was set to frizzle on the other side of the fire.
Because he never anticipates in advance when he'll be roasting a chicken, Peterson skips brining or salting, something other experts recommend for juicier, more-flavorful meat.
Following is the winner in the Roasting Theory and Quality category.
When cooking enthusiasts look for flavor-boosting secrets, roasting spices rises to the top as one of the most accessible take-home techniques.
The CTR-3000 is a customized machine for customers specialized in longer roasting times and traditional roasting.
Place ham in a shallow roasting pan and add 1/8 inch water to pan.
Does the thought of struggling to get your holiday turkey out of the roasting pan make you wish for an extra hand?
Our roasting practices are mostly still hit or miss in producing the best coffee in the world.