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1. A long loose flowing outer garment, especially:
a. often robes An official garment worn on formal occasions to show office or rank, as by a judge or high church official.
b. An academic gown.
c. A dressing gown or bathrobe.
2. robes Clothes; apparel.
3. A blanket or covering made of material, such as fur or cloth: a lap robe.
v. robed, rob·ing, robes
To cover or dress in a robe or in something that functions like a robe: fields that were robed with snow.
To put on a robe or robes.

[Middle English, from Old French robe, booty, movable personal possessions like clothing, robe, of Germanic origin; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]
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There is a robing and rest room for the gentlemen of the choir and a separate robing room for the cathedral choristers.
Robing the king was an elaborate 90-minute ritual each morning, with attendants crowding the antechambers awaiting their turn to enter.