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tr.v. ro·bot·ized, ro·bot·iz·ing, ro·bot·iz·es
To convert (a system, for example) to robotic automation.

ro′bot·i·za′tion (-bə-tĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌrəʊbɒtaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(General Engineering) the introduction of robots to carry out industrial tasks
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Tenders are invited for technical assistance service for the elaboration of the master plan of robotization / automation processes renfe group
Conference participants in a talk show format discussed with the general director of KazTransOil JSC the development prospects of the company in the context of potential resource constraints, the impact of digitalization and robotization of processes.
This could incorporate lighting and sound gadgets, video conferencing, computerized signage and other video screens, recording gear, projector frameworks, speakers, building robotization and whatever other gadget that has to do with AV.
At the same time, it also faces other challenges such as ageing, automation, robotization and digitalization.
According to the latest study, the current wave of "robotization" is likely ultimately to boost productivity and economic growth, generating roughly as many new jobs as it destroys.
Unless government takes a more active role than neoliberalism prescribes, these problems will likely become much worse, owing to advances in robotization and artificial intelligence.
Moscow-based private bank Sovcombank PJSC has announced it has acquired 25% of Aviatsionnye Tekhnologii Svyazi LLC (ATS), the company engaged in robotization of call centers based on artificial intelligence, the company said.
The robotization of the workplace is certainly a huge plus for any business, as it immediately boosts profitability, meaning higher wages and benefits for CEOs and better returns for shareholders.
According to McKinsey & Company's projections in 2022, about 47% of professions will switch to partial or complete automation or robotization. For 2025, the percentage rises to 52% to reach the expected level of 70% in 2035.
- "Robotization of logistics": Mobility without human intervention
While the long-run effects of robotization on wages and employment have received a great deal of attention, the effect of robotization at business cycle frequencies has not been studied.