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Adj.1.robotlike - resembling the unthinking functioning of a machine; "an automatic `thank you'"; "machinelike efficiency"
mechanical - using (or as if using) mechanisms or tools or devices; "a mechanical process"; "his smile was very mechanical"; "a mechanical toy"
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The Industrial Strategy White Paper includes investment in cutting edge ideas, from robotlike artificial intelligence and driverless cars to 'green' sciences, as well as meeting the needs of an ageing population.
You'll be tempted to disbelieve the level of intrusiveness, absolute control, propaganda brainwashing, the robotlike obedience demanded of the people; the stupidity resulting in starvation, the casual brutality practiced by a lunatic regime, but consider this: We know Little Kim has personally ordered the executions of dozens of family members and high officials by such colorful means as feeding them to starving dogs and tying them to posts to be blown apart by anti-aircraft cannon.
They may speak with an abnormal tone or rhythm--using a singsong voice or robotlike speech and may repeat words or phrases verbatim but don't understand how to use them.
Another had a circus atmosphere, showing the travails of performers now reduced to a robotlike condition.
Whether it was kill shots from deep court, angles away from the arms of his opponents, tap shots to either corner, or precision jams that always seemed to find his opponents' elbows, knees and weak spots, he had a robotlike ability to place the ball exactly where his opponents were most vulnerable.
Its economy is growing much faster than that of any part of Spain and they put that down, in part at least, to the emphasis they place on their language and identity - on the confidence they have in themselves as opposed to the timorous, uniform, grey, robotlike society Mr Nicholas would apparently like to see.
Robotlike, frequent repetitions of the same note, long-held notes, and jagged leaps of wide, uncomfortable intervals are the predominant sonic impressions of the vocal lines in Mirror and Syringa.
By 2040, robotlike machinery will inhabit the world alongside people, doing much of the work.
What a contrast with the stark photograph that Richard Avedon took the year before, rendering Warhol a kind of semihuman, anatomical curiosity with a robotlike white body beneath a tough leather jacket, fueling the construction of Warhol as a wild and dangerous artist-machine.
This little fella may look like an extra from 80s sci-fi flick Batteries Not Included, but behind this cute robotlike face lies a special secret - it's the world's first3D webcam.
Intellectuals in the humanities have long attacked science for its alleged tendency to make people less 'human' and have created the stereotype of the robotlike scientist who feels neither pleasure nor pain,"