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 (rō-bŭst′, rō′bŭst′)
1. Full of health and strength; vigorous. See Synonyms at healthy.
2. Powerfully built; sturdy: a robust body.
3. Requiring or characterized by much strength or energy: a robust workout.
a. Active or dynamic: a robust debate; a robust economy.
b. Working in an effective way; effective or productive: a robust search engine; a robust hypothesis.
5. Marked by richness and fullness; full-bodied: a robust wine.
6. Substantial in amount: robust gains in stock prices.
7. Rough or crude; coarse: a robust tale.

[Latin rōbustus, from rōbur, rōbus, oak, strength; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]

ro·bust′ly adv.
ro·bust′ness n.
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Adv.1.robustly - in a robust manner; "he was robustly built"
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بِقُوَّه، بِشِدَّه، بِصِحَّه


[rəʊˈbʌstlɪ] ADV
1. (= solidly) to be robustly built [person] → ser de constitución robusta or fuerte
to be robustly built or made [thing] → estar sólidamente construido
2. (= vigorously) [oppose, attack, defend] → enérgicamente, vigorosamente
3. (= strongly) a robustly flavoured red wineun vino tinto con un sabor fuerte
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(= strongly, solidly)robust
(= determinedly)energisch
flavouredkräftig, herzhaft
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(rəˈbast) adjective
strong; healthy. a robust child.
roˈbustly adverb
roˈbustness noun
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It was too early for the crowd, but bricklayers and their families, laden with huge lunch-baskets and armfuls of babies, were already going in--a healthy, husky race of workmen, well-paid and robustly fed.
There was that hint of unhealth about him that Daylight invariably sensed in his presence, while Dede, on the contrary, seemed always so robustly wholesome, radiating an atmosphere compounded of the sun and wind and dust of the open road.
There, too, the trooper is a frequent visitor, filling the doorway with his athletic figure and, from his superfluity of life and strength, seeming to shed down temporary vigour upon Jo, who never fails to speak more robustly in answer to his cheerful words.
"We will of course cooperate fully with the PCA whilst robustly defending our position."
Labour said it would "co-operate fully" with the EHRC, and rejects "any suggestion that the party does not handle anti-Semitism complaints fairly and robustly".
The statement, signed by every member of the cabinet including council leader Ian Ward, says that the party will "robustly defend the principles of equality and tolerance in our schools".
We will not allow the prejudices of the past to reemerge in any part of our city, and will robustly defend the principles of equality and tolerance in our schools."
Family-economy salons continued to grow robustly," he said.
WASHINGTON -- A grand jury that was involved in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is "continuing robustly," a federal prosecutor said Wednesday.
"The successful application for a criminal behaviour order for Wall shows our commitment, working alongside Sefton Council, to dealing robustly with repeat offenders who have a negative impact on the community.
On the basis of growing demand for mobiles, the demand for accessories is also increasing robustly. In a published report by Future Market Insights (FMI), it is estimated that global mobile phone accessories market will be witnessing a robust growth throughout the forecast period, 2015-2025.