roche moutonnée

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roche mou·ton·née

 (rôsh′ mo͞ot′n-ā′, mo͞o′tô-nā′)
n. pl. roches mou·ton·nées (rôsh′ mo͞ot′n-ā′, -āz′, mo͞o′tô-nā′)
An elongate mound of bedrock worn smooth and rounded by glacial abrasion.

[French : roche, rock + moutonné, fleecy.]

roche moutonnée

(ˈrəʊʃ ˌmuːtəˈneɪ)
n, pl roches moutonnées (ˈrəʊʃ ˌmuːtəˈneɪz)
(Geological Science) a rounded mass of rock smoothed and striated by ice that has flowed over it
[C19: French, literally: fleecy rock, from mouton sheep]

roche mou•ton•née

(ˈroʊʃ ˌmut nˈeɪ)
a rounded, glacially eroded rock outcrop, usu. one of a group, resembling a sheep's back.
[1835–45; < French: literally, fleecy rock]
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