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Noun1.Rock drill - a drill for penetrating rockrock drill - a drill for penetrating rock  
cross bit - a rock drill having cruciform cutting edges; used in mining
drill - a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard materials (usually rotating rapidly or by repeated blows)
star drill - a steel rock drill with a star-shaped point that is used for making holes in stones or masonry; it is operated by hitting the end with a hammer while rotating it between blows
straight flute, straight-fluted drill - a rock drill with flutes that are straight
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Brokk's TE160 hydraulic drifter rock drill from TEI Rock Drills is ideal for tunneling applications.
Matthew will be working with The Rock Drill by Sir Jacob Epstein, which can currently be seen at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery for Musical Meditations on the First World War, which comes to Birmingham Town Hall next month.
The US space agency's rover has traveled more than 5km towards the mission's primary target, the foothills of the huge mountain that dominates Mars' Gale crater, and the rock drill was spun at a scientific waypoint called 'The Kimberley', the BBC reported.
THE NATIONAL POST REPORTS that ancient Aboriginal pictograms and petroglyphs on a rock formation in Alberta have been destroyed by vandals using a rock drill, acid and a power washer.
A Leicestershire company that produces a polymer cover for a water-powered rock drill for mining operations is using injection moulding analysis ahead of tool production to ensure precision.
Today, the 260-employee firm's users include aircraft parts and rock drill manufacturers.
The work to date culminated in a United Kingdom-United States interoperability review of concept drill, also known as a rock drill, which took place in the United Kingdom in March 2008.
The Army and Marines often use the term "rock drill," while the Air Force primarily uses the term "rehearsal." Both mean roughly the same thing, but to Air Force personnel not familiar with Army terminology, discussion of a "rock drill" can be confusing.
The attendees also participated in a Rock Drill July 31 at Fort Eustis' Modisett Center.
B & D is a Sudbury mining and forestry heavy equipment supplier dealing mainly with precision align boring machines, hydraulic and pneumatic rock drill parts.