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Noun1.rock pink - pink-flowered perennial of rocky regions of western United States
genus Talinum, Talinum - genus of mainly American more-or-less succulent herbs
Talinum aurantiacum, flame flower, flameflower, flame-flower - plant with fleshy roots and erect stems with narrow succulent leaves and one reddish-orange flower in each upper leaf axil; southwestern United States; Indians once cooked the fleshy roots
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Then, in September, she ( posted a photo of Lil Kim on Instagram with the caption, "Like @lilkimthequeenbee ain't make b wanna rock pink hair at some point," a reference to Minaj rapping, "Like I ain't make these b rock pink hair at some point."
Available in 48 trendsetting shades, including Go Nude, Punk Rock Pink and Pedal to the Metal, this chip-free nail polish--which was the official nail color of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York--is long-lasting and comes with an easy-flow brush.
The collection is comprised of48 shades, including 28 new colors ranging from nude to punk rock pink.