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rock bottom

The lowest possible level or absolute bottom: Prices have hit rock bottom.

rock′-bot′tom adj.
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rock′ bot′tom

the very lowest level.
[1865–70, Amer.]


extremely low: rock-bottom prices.
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Adj.1.rock-bottom - well below normal (especially in price)
low - less than normal in degree or intensity or amount; "low prices"; "the reservoir is low"
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A. Nfondo m, parte f más profunda
B. ADJ rock-bottom pricesprecios mpl mínimos, precios mpl tirados
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[ˈrɒkˈbɒtəm] n (fig) to reach or touch rock-bottom (person) → toccare il fondo; (price) → raggiungere il livello più basso
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(rok) noun
1. (a large lump or mass of) the solid parts of the surface of the Earth. The ship struck a rock and sank; the rocks on the seashore; He built his house on solid rock.
2. a large stone. The climber was killed by a falling rock.
3. a type of hard sweet made in sticks. a stick of Edinburgh rock.
ˈrockeryplural ˈrockeries noun
a heap of rocks in a garden with earth between them in which small plants are grown.
ˈrocky adjective
a rocky coastline.
ˈrockiness noun
ˌrock-ˈbottom noun, adjective
(at) the lowest level possible. Prices have reached rock-bottom; rock-bottom prices.
ˈrock-garden noun
a rockery.
ˈrock-plant noun
any plant which grows among rocks eg on mountains, often also grown in rockeries.
on the rocks
in a state of ruin or of great financial difficulty. Their marriage is on the rocks; The firm is on the rocks.
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Reflecting on that chastening moment in 2015, Morgan said: "It was as close to rock-bottom as I've been.
In the 2017-18 season, every club in the Premier League was handed [pounds sterling]80.4m, including rock-bottom side West Brom, and the Baggies finished the campaign with a total of [pounds sterling]94.7m.
After a "sub-optimal" September, trends made a come-back in October and November, but it was a "negative indicator" when Oprah tweeted the Share the Gift of Health promotion on December 4, Bolton Weiser tells investors in a research note titled "Nearing 'Rock-Bottom' Valuation, In Our View." However, when Weight Watchers reports in February, investor attention will be on the 2019 outlook and not the Q4 results, adds the analyst.
The former Real Madrid and Manchester City coach will bid to avoid becoming the first Hammers boss in history to lose the first five matches of the season tomorrow, when he takes his rock-bottom side to Everton.
Why is it that seemingly ideal conditions of a demographic surge and rock-bottom rates have failed to induce a recovery in the US housing market - while Israelis have other problems in trying to obtain housing.
It's a much-needed boost for savers who have been hammered by rock-bottom interest rates for years.
But the rock-bottom ticket oer, intended for sta working on the British Summer Time event, was leaked online Admission for the Birmingham supergroup's Hyde Park gig next Friday starts at PS69.
The notion of rock-bottom is commonplace in addiction treatment.
It has become a very price- led process and the incum- bent is threatening to pull out and tell the market that we're only inter- ested in a rock-bottom commod- itised media service.
ROME, November 21, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Marco Parolo scored seven minutes from time to give rock-bottom Cesena their first victory of the season in a 1-0 success at fellow strugglers Bologna.
Summary: Chelsea's perfect start to the season continued against rock-bottom West Ham with a 3-1 win keeping them top of the Premier League.
Adders cannot afford to take rock-bottom Rovers lightly but Belford's confident his young charges can avoid a third home loss in a row.