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rock bottom

The lowest possible level or absolute bottom: Prices have hit rock bottom.

rock′-bot′tom adj.
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rock′ bot′tom

the very lowest level.
[1865–70, Amer.]


extremely low: rock-bottom prices.
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Adj.1.rock-bottom - well below normal (especially in price)
low - less than normal in degree or intensity or amount; "low prices"; "the reservoir is low"
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A. Nfondo m, parte f más profunda
B. ADJ rock-bottom pricesprecios mpl mínimos, precios mpl tirados
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[ˈrɒkˈbɒtəm] n (fig) to reach or touch rock-bottom (person) → toccare il fondo; (price) → raggiungere il livello più basso
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(rok) noun
1. (a large lump or mass of) the solid parts of the surface of the Earth. The ship struck a rock and sank; the rocks on the seashore; He built his house on solid rock.
2. a large stone. The climber was killed by a falling rock.
3. a type of hard sweet made in sticks. a stick of Edinburgh rock.
ˈrockeryplural ˈrockeries noun
a heap of rocks in a garden with earth between them in which small plants are grown.
ˈrocky adjective
a rocky coastline.
ˈrockiness noun
ˌrock-ˈbottom noun, adjective
(at) the lowest level possible. Prices have reached rock-bottom; rock-bottom prices.
ˈrock-garden noun
a rockery.
ˈrock-plant noun
any plant which grows among rocks eg on mountains, often also grown in rockeries.
on the rocks
in a state of ruin or of great financial difficulty. Their marriage is on the rocks; The firm is on the rocks.
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