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Adj.1.rock-loving - of plants that flourish in a rocky environment
healthy - having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease; "a rosy healthy baby"; "staying fit and healthy"
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Although frontman Oliver Sykes says the new album is more experimental than their last record and every song on Amo is completely different, the band's rock-loving fans feel what they've heard so far is much too pop-orientated for their taste.
Was there a hidden side I hadn't known, a rock-loving mom?
By portraying ballsy women, a hard rock-loving filmmaker and a population addicted to social media, "Pig" definitely contributes to changing this perception.
It's fitting that the rock-loving Brit doesn't fully mesh with the staid Washington, D.C., crowd.
And it's true for rock-loving Maria Verhelst-Hopkins from Swansea, whose impromptu karaoke take on some Alice Cooper tunes has seen her go from clearing away empties to sharing a stage with some of her musical idols, from Motorhead to Foo Fighters.
But a punk rock-loving Welsh vicar is aiming for chart success with the release of a single by his newly re-formed band.
Bob explains: "I was the identikit picture of everything the punk generation despised - a 30-year-old, white, middle class son of a policeman, the long-haired, bearded, ex-hippy, stadium rock-loving, progressive rock-presenting BBC broadcaster.
On top of that, the band are also laying down the groundwork for a proposed tour of India, which would see them play to rock-loving audiences in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi.
THAT'S the pop prize offer from the stadium rock-loving Sunday Mercury today.
They're now back in the UK to test-run some new material and on tonight's evidence, time - the 1970s to be precise - continues to stand still for the rock-loving New Zealanders.
Leading models of the kind known as bulk silicate Earth (BSE) assume that the mantle and crust contain only lithophiles ("rock-loving" elements) and the core contains only siderophiles (elements that "like to be with iron").
The Brian Johnson years followed with Hells Bells, Thunderstruck and You Shook Me All Night Long rattled off and lapped up by a rock-loving crowd.