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also rock-bound  (rŏk′bound′)
Hemmed in by or bordered with rocks: a rockbound lake.
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Adj.1.rockbound - abounding in or bordered by rocky cliffs or scarps; "the rock-ribbed coast of Maine"
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
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To the north I could see the rockbound coast of Cornwall.
It was the fashion to scoff at his claims, but I recall reading one of his works--his only one, I believe--in which he described a new continent in the south seas, a continent made up of `some strange metal' which attracted the compass; a rockbound, inhospitable coast, without beach or harbor, which extended for hundreds of miles.
(2001): Net ebb sediment transport in a rockbound, mesotidal estuary during spring-freshet conditions: Kennebec River estuary, Maine.
As a panelist, she championed Rockbound a then little-read novel by Frank Parker Day (1881-1950).
You get great views from here of the city's scattered rockbound "suburbs" and of the languid twisting Yantra way below.
Ben is walking by as I say something about a rockbound lake in Maine and how the water laps up against the stone formations and how they resemble fjords.
Waterman, rather than making rock come alive theoretically in the way Russell does, chooses to reanimate it by reviving the few remnant rockbound organisms--endolithic lichens and siderophile bacteria.
In Making a World of Difference: Essays on Tourism, Development, and Culture in Newfoundland (1996), Overton contends that the tourism industry creates an idealized version of Newfoundland society that depicts the province as rockbound, backwards, and home to a folk society inviting visitors to experience their authentic pre-modern culture.
After everything that has happened to me." Batya stared out the window, across the rockbound Judaean landscape toward the ugly cement block enclave of apartment buildings for new immigrants that the Rosscoe Development Corporation had planted on that desolate stretch of hills.
To me, these narrow rockbound defiles, with their horizontal ribbing of Paleozoic strata, define the Illinois landscape every bit as much as the prairies." Enthusiastically recommended for anyone who is eager to see all the natural wonders Illinois has to offer, not just its flora and fauna.
After the bluff, breathtaking start, a wind-bound rockbound scene takes over, filling twelve of fourteen lines in her staunchest sonnet: Hearing your words, and not a word among them Tuned to my liking, on a salty day When inland woods were pushed by winds that flung them Hissing to leeward like a ton of spray, I thought how off Matinicus the tide Came pounding in, came running through the Gut, While from the Rock the warning whistle cried, And children whimpered, and the doors blew shut; There in the autumn when the men go forth, With slapping skirts the island women stand In gardens stripped and scattered, peering north, With dahlia tubers dripping from the hand: The wind of their endurance, driving south, Flattened your words against your speaking mouth.
This year's Canada Reads contest on CBC featured a final showdown between Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake and an unknown novel by Frank Parker Day, Rockbound, published way back in 1928.