rocket bomb

rock′et bomb`

1. an aerial bomb equipped with a rocket for added velocity and precision after being released from an aircraft.
2. any rocket-propelled missile launched from the ground.
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Tire small rocket-powered manned rocket bomb known as the Baka, which was carried by modified Mitsubishi G4M land-based bombers is well detailed.
Obviously, there must be a secret army of butterers and slicers, labouring in underground factories like the German V1 rocket bomb production sites in the last phase of the war.
Fujimura added another rocket bomb landed in the embassy on Monday morning, but no one was injured.
wearing a big, and happily of those scan images But sadly all these proved to be as much use as Britain's Great Panjandrum revolving rocket bomb on D-Day.
Dorchester Street in Shoreditch was one of thousands of streets in London that were bombed constantly, and was finally hit by a V2 long-range rocket bomb. Archaeologists from the Museum of London enlisted the aid of dozens of volunteers to excavate the street, now lying under grassland in Shoreditch Park.
1, when a rocket bomb was launched at the SDF base in Samawah, damaging a cargo container.
They didn't know that dictator O'Wally had used this same beacon to guide a rocket bomb to their location.
After a rocket bomb whizzed overhead during his visit, ''the word 'termination' came to my mind,'' Nakamura said.
The local authorities said the building may have been attacked by a rocket bomb, adding it remains unknown whether there were casualties.