rocket firing

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Noun1.rocket firing - the launching of a rocket or missile under its own powerrocket firing - the launching of a rocket or missile under its own power
launch, launching - the act of propelling with force
blastoff, shot - the launching of a missile or spacecraft to a specified destination
moon shot - the launching of a spacecraft to the moon
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(,7340,L-4741813,00.html) Ynetnews reported the localAaAeAeA Lebanese channel Al MayadeenAaAeAeA saidAaAeAeA there was an in in activity by the Israeli air force overAaAeAeA southern Lebanon, particular around the city of Tyre, after the rocket firing. Israeli artillery units reportedly shelled areas in southern Lebanon following the rocket firing.
NNA - Army Intelligence managed yesterday to apprehend both Khalil Kharaz and his brother Hassan from the Palestinian nationality on charges of involvement in the fresh rocket firing towards the occupied Palestinian lands, a communiquA' by the Lebanese Army Command-Guidance Directorate indicated on Wednesday.
The rocket firing early Monday occurred two kilometers southwest of Qlaya beside a narrow lane cutting through an orange orchard.
"We will not stop anything until the rocket firing ends." Asked whether there were any efforts to reach a cease-fire, Mr Aharonovitch said: "Not now."
"We condemn violence against civilians regardless of its source, including rocket firing," Abbas was quoted as saying by the official Palestinian Wafa news agency.
This is the first report of rocket firing into Israel since the Egyptian-brokered November ceasefire that ended eight days of Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.
Israel said he was plotting a rocket firing towards Israel.
Driver of oil tanker No PUA-367 Baz Khan (Zhob) and Ghulam Abbas and Khursheed Ahmad (Muzaffargarh) were killed in rocket firing and Kalashinkov fire.
Rangers' officials said at 12:45 am, some of Indian channels aired television footages of rocket firing, levelling wrongful allegations on Pakistan rangers of launching rocket attack on Indian forces from Pakistan.